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Here are the people who are looking for talented individuals to join our team...

Ruth Henderson

Recruitment Business Partner – Darlington

Mobile: 07702954979 & Landline: 01952 212578

I am responsible for recruitment at our Head Office in Darlington which includes all of our corporate teams; HR & Payroll, Finance, Marketing, Insurance and Administration.  Darlington is also the home of our Customer Contact Centre, the base for our sales and customer service teams, which are set up as an open plan contact centre function. We welcome applicants who are ready work as part of  our Northgate team, have a desire to embrace change and develop skills and expertise whether that be in a contact centre or corporate environment.

Top Tip: Tailor your CV to the job you are applying for!  When applying for a new job your CV is all we have to assess you.   It is important to read through the advert or job description and make sure that your most  relevant skills and experience are featured clearly on your CV to match the requirements of the role. 

Rachel Everett

Recruitment Coordinator – Telford

Landline: 01952 212566

I am responsible for arranging interviews between you and the managers, preparing and sending out your offer paperwork as well as keeping our Instagram account up to date. You can contact me if you have any queries about any part of the candidate process, from applying, right the way through to our Welcome Portal when you join us.

Top Tip: When applying for a new role, make sure you have the right contact details on your CV. If your CV looks fantastic, but it has your old mobile number or email address on it, then no-one can reach you to invite you for an interview.  This happens more than you think, so it’s always worth double checking your contact information before applying.

Linda Gorvett

Recruitment Business Partner – Telford

Mobile: 07841 502726 & Landline: 01952 212560

I have responsibility for a wide area of the UK, from Exeter in the West to Ipswich in the East, as well as Southampton in the South up to Lincoln in the North. I recruit for branch vacancies ranging from Customer Service Agent to Branch Manager.

Top Tip: Research company ‘heroes’. Look at people (on sites such as LinkedIn) who have the job you would like.  Look through their work history to see how they made the move.   Make contact with people in the same role to ask them for any hints, tips or ideas.


Gareth Jones

Recruitment Lead – Darlington

Mobile: 07540902259 & Landline: 01952 212 579

I’m the Recruitment Lead for the Northgate Recruitment Team and I’m mainly responsible for the day-to-day management of the function.  I’m also responsible for the recruitment for Northgate’s more niche roles as well as all external Sales roles.  It’s my job to make sure our team is meeting the needs of the business by providing a friendly and efficient service while ensuring all roles are filled in a timely manner.  I’m also the first point of contact or escalation for any stakeholders and candidates.

Top Tip: Bring proof of performance along to your interviews, especially if you’re interviewing for a role that is target driven. Anyone can say they’ve achieved targets, bringing evidence that you’ve smashed your previous targets instils a huge amount of confidence in the person interviewing you, and makes you really stand out from the crowd. If the role isn’t massively targeted, then bring evidence of past successes, like recommendations from previous managers.

Ally Blake

Recruitment Business Partner – Darlington

Mobile: 07718864556 & Landline: 01952 212589

I’m based in the Head Office at Darlington and I am responsible for recruitment in the Customer Support Centre and the teams which support the running of the business.  Some of these include HR,  Finance, IT, Telesales, Pricing and Procurement.  I review applications for all levels within the business so don’t be afraid to apply, please get in touch if you are interested in working for Northgate – 07718864556.

Top Tip: You can have all the skills and experience that you need for your dream job, however whatever you do never turn up late, and always plan your journey. It’s also poor practice to criticise your current employer, and finally don’t swear during the interview, the hiring manager may consider that you pose too much of a risk to deal with Northgate customers. 

Dee Gregory

Recruitment Business Partner – Telford

Mobile: 07703 753672 & Landline: 01952 281912

I am responsible for recruiting various roles ranging from Driver/Valeter, Customer service Agents, Technicians through to Managers for branches throughout the UK.

Top Tip: Always ensure if you have an interview arranged and you are unable to attend or you change your mind that you inform the company. You never know if one day your ideal job arises with that company and you have already given the company an impression as a no show.


Anna Hilton

Recruitment Coordinator – Darlington

Landline : 01952 212598

Once a candidate has accepted their offer of employment, I provide them with their contract and other onboarding documents – as well as access and instructions to the online Welcome Portal. From this point, I obtain employment references, and oversee the onboarding process to ensure that all candidates complete all necessary forms. For queries regarding the online welcome portal – I am happy to help!

Top Tip: When you’re answering interview questions, think of the C A R technique. remember to give Context – first explain the surrounding situation you find yourself in.  Then describe your Action to remedy the problem or to create new opportunities. Finally round off with the Result – what was the outcome of your actions / how did the organisation benefit?

Charlotte Love

Recruitment Business Partner – Telford

Mobile: 07734972682 & Landline: 01952 212573

My role here at Northgate is to recruit for branch and operational positions including Driver/Valeters and Customer Service Agents right up to Branch Managers. I also support the recruitment for our new commercial hub based in Reading. I cover vacancies across the whole of the UK. If you think you have the skills and experience to work for Northgate please give me a call on 01952 212573 or drop me an email to

Top Tip: When interviewing with a company it is important to read thoroughly through the advert and job description and to fully research the company – look on the company website and social media pages.


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