As a Credit Controller at Northgate you will deal with customers who for a variety of reasons have not paid their invoice. This might be down to a dispute over billing or possibly a customer in financial difficulty. You might need to provide extra information so customer understands the charges on their invoice or you might need to speak to sales teams or other departments to get further facts. Credit Controllers have strong analytical and communication skills to understand and solve the problem, protecting our business whilst retaining valued customers and maintaining good working relations -even in the event of a dispute. Sometimes Credit Controllers deal with customers who feel angry or frustrated with a situation so it’s important to explain the situation firmly and calmly to achieve a resolution. Organisational skills are key to record communications and follow up where appropriate.

You’ll be part of a friendly and approachable team who are there to provide help and support if you need it. Credit Controllers joining Northgate have typically worked in a similar role before and have experience in a customer facing role and are comfortable negotiating a solution.

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