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Name:  Kelly PickettRole:   Strategic Account ManagerJoined Northgate: 2002″What I love most about my job is the fact that there is no typical day or week, I could be anywhere across the country. I could be sat in front of a procurement director one day and then in a Portakabin with a construction manager the next; I really […]

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Strategic Account Manager

The Position

Strategic Account Managers (SAMs) at Northgate manage the company’s larger customers in a truly consultative, value-adding way.

SAMs are responsible for retaining their customers and growing their business, by applying a disciplined and strategic approach to their customer account management.

SAM plays a key role within the sales function of Northgate, by leading the direction of the company’s larger Vehicles On Hire (VOH) customers. By maintaining and developing strong relationships with their customers, they work toward the wider aim of establishing Northgate as their customers’ preferred supplier of Light Commercial Vehicles (LCV).

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