Then we have the face to face interview…

  • Plan to be slightly early so you can be relaxed and unflustered
  • If you are going to be late then call the resourcing team on 01952 212566 as soon as you know so that we can let people know or make new arrangements
  • Take everything you might need such as a notebook, pen and a copy of your CV
  • Be friendly to everyone you meet – people recruit people they like and who they can see fitting in to their team
  • You can always ask us about the dress code before you go, but if in doubt – go smart!
  • Remember to smile!  Interviews are never fatal and can be satisfying if you relax. Try and avoid showing signs of nervousness such as fidgeting, drumming of fingers etc.
  • At the end of the interview smile (again!), shake hands and say something positive ‘I look forward to hearing from you’.  Check that you have asked all your questions, if you don’t know already ask what the next steps will be